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Enumeration AudioFileMode

AudioFile playback modes


Enumeration members

Enumeration members


Basic: = 1

In this default mode, the duration of the audio item on a track will simply follow the audio file's durationSeconds property. durationSeconds defaults to the length of the source file, so if no custom durationSeconds is specified on an audio file, Basic mode will function similarly to OneShot mode.

// Create an AudioFile technique that truncates playback after 0.5 seconds
const tambourine = new fluid.techniques.AudioFile({
  mode: fluid.AudioFileMode.Basic
  path: '/tambourine.wav',
  info: { duration: 1.234 } // specifies source file length in seconds
  durationSeconds: 0.5,     // stop playback after 0.5 seconds
  fadeOutSeconds: 0.1,


Event: = 2

In this mode, the audio item length will be taken from the UseContext's durationSeconds property. As a result, when using session.insertScore, a '1234' rhythm string, combined with a 't...' pattern string will trim the length of the inserted audio file to a quarter note.

const tambourine = new fluid.techniques.AudioFile({ path: '/tambourine.wav', info: { duration: 1.234 } })
tambourine.mode = fluid.AudioFileMode.Event
  tLibrary: { t: tambourine )},
  r      '1234',
  drums: 't.t.',


OneShot: = 3

The OneShot mode plays the file to its conclusion, ignoring the event length extracted from the pattern string


OneVoice: = 4

Play the audio file to its conclusion, OR fade it out at the onset of the next AudioFile in the clip (whichever happens first)