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fluid-music - v0.10.0

Fluid Music

Extensible Music Composition and Music Production Framework for Node.

// Two measures of snare, kick, and tambourine transcribed with 'fluid-music'
const score = {
  r:      '1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ',
  snare: ['    s       s   ', '    s       s   '],
  kick:  ['D               ', '          D  D  '],
  tamb:  ['t t t t t t t t ', 't t t t t t t t '],

Fluid music converts JavaScript score objects (above) to:

Reaper DAW Example

Fluid Music is:

  • Extensible: Author reusable sound design techniques in JavaScript, and use them in your scores
  • Open: Publish and reuse sound design techniques with npm

Fluid Music scores can:

  • Sequence and edit audio files (trim, fade, move, reverse)
  • Insert MIDI notes and clips
  • Support unusual time signatures and rhythms (go beyond 4/4!)
  • Set and automate VST plugin parameters
  • Set and automate track parameters (ex. volume, panning)
  • Modify the underlying session (add tracks, routing, grouping, side chaining, etc)
  • Insert random or procedurally generated content
  • Do anything you can code


The Fluid Music API is in beta, and has not yet stabilized. However, there will be no major changes prior to version 1.0.

See About Fluid Music for more details.

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Fluid Music aspires to be:

  • Useful for creating music that people care about
  • Welcoming to developers with a wide variety of backgrounds

See Useful, Welcoming Software for more details.